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The body has a housing, a motor, a switch, a power cord, and a vibrator. The vibrator is fixed on an upper end of the shaft of the motor, and produces vibration when rotated by the motor. The immersing vessel has a vessel body and a soft massage cushion.

The immersing

Forster The act of taking on the perspective and feelings of others is one of the most profound, insufficiently heralded contributions of the deep-reading processes. The narrative theologian John S. And there is an equal and opposite process of coming back to oneself.

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It would have been an ordinary request, save for the reality that the young girl had advanced cystic fibrosis and had been told The immersing had only a brief time to live. That amazing teacher gave the young girl a role he hoped would give her the feelings of romantic love and passion that she might never experience in life.

She became, he said, the perfect Juliet. Almost overnight, she memorized the lines of Romeo and Juliet as if she had played the role a hundred times before. It was what happened next that stunned everyone around her.

The immersing went on to become one Shakespearean heroine after another, each role performed with more emotional depth and strength than the one before. Years have now passed since she played Juliet. Drama makes more visible what each of us does when we pass over in our deepest, most immersive forms of reading.

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We welcome the Other as a guest within ourselves, and sometimes we become Other. For a moment in time we leave ourselves; and when we return, sometimes expanded and strengthened, we are changed both intellectually and emotionally. It is an incalculable gift. And there is a gift within a gift.

Perspective-taking not only connects our sense of empathy with what we have just read but also expands our internalized knowledge of the world.

The immersing

Through this consciousness-changing dimension of the act of reading, we learn to feel what it means to be despairing and hopeless or ecstatic and consumed with unspoken feelings.

A Modern Retelling of Pride and Prejudice. As expressed in the play Shadowlands, about the life of C. In a letter to the diplomat Francesco Vettori inhe wrote: I am not ashamed to speak with them, and to ask them the reasons for their actions; and they in their kindness answer me; four hours may pass and I do not feel boredom, I forget every trouble, I do not dread poverty, I am not frightened by death; I give myself entirely to them.

In this passage Machiavelli exemplifies not only the perspective-taking dimension of deep reading, but also the capacity to be transported from whatever our present realities are to an internal place where we can experience a sharing of the inevitable burdens that typify most human existence whatever our age: A book was like stepping through a mirror.

I could go somewhere else. That this freely given immersion in the reading life could be threatened in our culture has begun to emerge as a concern for growing numbers in our society, including an NPR team that spent a whole interview with me on their personal concern about this loss.

And although it is a wonderful thing that movies and film can do some of this, too, there is a difference in the quality of immersion that is made possible by entering the articulated thoughts of others. What will happen to young readers who never meet and begin to understand the thoughts and feelings of someone totally different?

What will happen to older readers who begin to lose touch with that feeling of empathy for people outside their ken or kin? Within this context, Obama told Robinson that the most important things he had learned about being a citizen had come from novels: When I began the story, I saw the protagonist cleaning woman as being oblivious to the everyday tragedies that skirted just below the surface in the places where she worked.

The immersing

My false and circumscribing inferences flew out one of those windows that open when we see the prejudices we bring to whatever we read.

No doubt that was the humbling realization that Berlin intended her readers to discover about themselves.

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The Son of God for the Secular Age describes a similar confrontation with perspective taking in the realm of nonfiction. There he related his experiences as a young, very devout Catholic boy reading Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl.

Entering the perspective of this completely foreign girl provided an unexpected rite of passage for the young James Carroll. The Church and the Jews: A History, each of his books revolves around the need to understand, at the deepest level, the perspective of the other, whether in Vietnam or in a German concentration camp.

In Christ Actually, he used the life and thought of the earlyth-century German theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer to underscore the life-and-death consequences of human failure to take on the perspective of other.

Bonhoeffer preached and wrote unflinchingly, first from a pulpit and then from a prison cell, about the tragic inability of most people at the time both to understand the perspective of the historical Jesus as a Jew and to see the persecution of Jews in Germany from their perspective.Cultural Immersion: A Cure for Hate, Ignorance and Stereotypes (Updated with More!) Without a doubt, traveling to new countries and immersing yourself in other cultures helps shape a more rounded understanding of humanity, as well as breaking down stereotypes.

Contemporary Examples. of immersing. But he's immersing himself, creating the density of felt detail from which fine performances emerge. Immersing ourselves in Aboriginal Culture at Manitoulin Island We had the most amazing experience of learning and appreciation during our trip to Manitoulin Island.

It is the largest freshwater island in the world with countless trails and exploration that is good for the soul. For many workplaces, the educational argument for integrating authentic assessments into their eLearning experiences is powerful.

When effective, authentic assessments not only provide significant prompts to engage learners in the experience, they also help to equip learners with the skills they. Sharma says the devotees drowned during a ceremony immersing clay statues of the elephant-headed Hindu deity Ganesha into the river at the end of a day festival.

17 drown during religious festival in India. Traditional film is a great storytelling tool, however by immersing viewers in the annex itself and allowing them to witness history in real time firsthand, we believe .

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